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About Ceccoli Vineyards

The Owners

Chris Yazinski and his wife Kadie are the owners of Ceccoli Vineyards. They met in 2017 in Dallas/Fort Worth and quickly realized that they had a love for each other but also a good bottle of wine. From their first trip together to Temecula, California to Chris proposing at a winery, they always seemed to find wine at the heart of their relationship. Chris being a white-wine drinker and Kadie being a red-wine lover, the saying is true, opposites do attract. They married in 2021 and had their first baby in December 2022.


Wanting to raise their baby near family, Chris stumbled across a listing for 17 acres that just so happened to feature a winery on the property. Ceccoli Vineyards, although just a far-out dream at first, became an opportunity to combine their passion for not only wine, but also the idea of being homesteaders like Chris’s great-grandfather, John Ceccoli. 


Today, you can find Chris & Kadie enjoying wine with guests, members & loved ones, toasting another serene sunset over the small-town charm of Winnie, Texas.


The Name

The name Ceccoli, pays homage to the owner’s great-grandfather, John Ceccoli, who immigrated from Italy in the early 1920s to avoid communism and experience the American Dream. He believed in living off the land from gardening, butchering, curing meats and producing wine. The inspiration to resurrect the name is more than an opportunity to tell the family’s story and share the history but the ability to celebrate what was and the legacy that remains.

The Estate

Established by The Rollins Family, Clay & Stacy are credited with starting this winery by planting the first vines in 2011. This vineyard which is still in its original location (located approximately 60 miles from Houston, TX and 90 miles from Galveston) is known for its beautiful country view and laid-back ambiance. Come ready to sit back and relax in our tasting room or outside amongst the vines which produces our Black Spanish & Blanc Dubois grapes.   

Wine Bottles

The Wine

Beyond the estate produced Black Spanish and Blanc Dubois, we partner with Sage’s Vintage to offer additional wines for a well-balanced wine selection of sweet, semi-sweet and dry wines. No matter what you are sipping on, here at Ceccoli Vineyards, you can take pride in knowing it’s all from Texas-grown grapes.

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